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In 2001 I was inspired to start a small business specialising in curtain poles. In those days I did pretty much every single job, from cleaning paint brushes, writing invoices to painting finials and packing boxes. As the popularity of my designs grew so did the business and what had originally started as a small business in my garden shed rapidly grew to a much larger workshop with a team of talented staff supporting me. Almost 16 years later and after a lot of hard work and the support of Interior Designers throughout the world we have become one of the most recognised and respected wooden curtain pole manufacturers in the UK. 

When designing I tend to explore historical design references. I simply love what previous artisans and architects have discovered and to translate these finds into a small and delicate finial is magical. It is so exciting to see an idea develop through a simple sketch to a carved model and then cast to become a repeatable and beautiful design. It is what drives me to design and make. 

I truly hope that you like our designs and find inspiration from them. Please contact us if you would like to know more. 

To order please call us on 07941932288 or visit our Ebay store

Photographs of Alison taken on a photoshoot in an abandoned Chateau in the middle of Normandy France

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